December 2, 2010

THE Name

Many of us, no matter how long we've been attending a church, have heard the phrase, "there is power in the name of Jesus." All things in the name Jesus...
have you ever stopped to consider what this means? have you ever stopped to think about why we use the name of Jesus as a weapon, a refuge, or even calling a friend? We use the name, and all its glory because when we hear the name of Jesus, we are reminded of all that he has done for us.
matthew 27:50-51 "Then Jesus shouted out again, and he gave up his spirit. At that moment the curtian was torn in the Temple from top to bottom."
This amazing thing Jesus did. this is what saying his name should make us remember. i have made you contemplate why the name is so important because of this...
take a moment to think about what God thinks, what he rememebers when he hears your name.
Will he be proud of all you've done to further his kingdom, or disappointed because you choose to turn from him and love the world? WHAT DOES GOD THINK WHEN HE HEARS YOUR NAME?
i understand that when you weigh your life to others you may come up short, but i'm not asking for that. in no way am i asking you to compare yourself with anyone...i am simply asking you to weigh the good against the bad, then decide which way the scale is tipping.
ecclesiastes 7:1 "A good reputation is more valuable that the most expensive perfume..."

When God consumes your heart you will begin to change in ways you didnt even know needed changing. you will begin to love people and to love life. you will begin to better yourself as well as try to better the world around you. so consider this when you decide what god thinks when he hears your name.
if he were to come to your school, your job, your home; how would the people he meets describe you?? in some circumstanses this may be a harsh reality to face. maybe you are saved but still retain anger and bitterness that affects the way you communicate with the people in your life..that is effecting your reputation and god can see it all. remember that god is always with you, he knows your every move, every word, and every thought. he knows your reputation better than you do.

so if you want to reinvent your name, consider this:
god is the source of joy and the holder of everlasting, neverending grace. ask him into your life and repent daily. consider the downfalls of your life and pray for them often. confess to be a christian and take time to ponder on exactly what god has brought you through.

this message has become so important that i share because i myself had to do the same thing just this morning. i cleared my mind and really focused on what God brought me through, the very gates of hell stood before me and God come to save me. he never gave up on me. and i am determined to make my reputation one that counts to the lord not the world. and i pray that you too realize that Gods not giving up on you either and your reputation may be the very thing that can open someones eyes to God himself.

"You may be the only Bible some people read." -Chris "P.C." Moore

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