June 24, 2011


Soul Cravings by: Erwin Raphael McManus

I picked up Soul Cravings in a small christian bookstore when i was in TN with my youth group. It was a small book, cheaply priced, and barely noticable among the piles of books stacked in mountains atop the shelves in the store. For some reason this little book caught my attention, and i'm glad it did.

Soul Cravings is an intimate look within the human mind at the evidence that lies within everyone of the very real God we sometimes have a hard time accepting. He tells you in the beginning to take the book in peices. To read through it anyway you please, reguardless of the order it is arranged. i was dumbfounded by the points he makes while trying to explain God. For instance, a story seemingly random about a group of baby ducks taught me a lesson about God's love i'd never been able to fully comprehend, and although i never will i am a step closer now looking at it in a new light.

I highly recommend this book if you're willing to look at things in a new perspective and a willingness to listen to the very good points he makes throughout this book.

I was so intreiged i had to start from the beginning with a highlighter in hand.

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